What is Farnsworth
Lantern Test?

The Farnsworth Lantern test helps you study the distinction between colors detected by people. The test was made for sailors to see flickers of lights during night-time, which demands superior color vision ability.

It helps detect issues with red or green colors using vertical lightning with multiple color patterns. Nine color combinations, like red, green and yellow, deliver accurate results that improve the user experience.

It is also crucial to state that the test does not detect blue color vision deficiency. The user must identify the color pairs displayed for two seconds. It is one of the ideal ways to examine color vision deficiency and provide accurate results based on user choices.

Farnsworth lantern test

How to take the test?

take a test

Take a Test

Visit the colorblindtest.net website with any browser, navigate to Farnsworth lantern Test, and click the "Take a Test" button. Follow the instructions and start the test.


Identify Colors

The FALANT Test displays 9 vertical lights of different color combinations. Users have to choose the correct one within a given time. An example is

Up - Yellow, Down - Green

Up - Green, Down - Red


Review Results

After choosing colors, you get results on the severity of color blindness. A lower score is better, Your perfect score will be zero, and the circle graph highlights regions of poor hue discrimination.

Is the Online Farnsworth Lantern Test Accurate?

The test is an accurate and efficient method of knowing about color blindness or vision deficiency. The test involves choosing from a pair of different color combinations if one is different from the other.

If no distinction between the pairs is present, the test shows a positive result. It provides detailed insight based on your input and informs you about the severity of color blindness.

The only drawback of the test is that it only considers three primary colors to determine color blindness. As there are millions of colors visible, it is tedious to determine the accuracy of the tests using only the primary ones.

How to Pass this Test?

There are multiple ways in which a person hopes to pass the test. One of the popular ways is to wear special glasses or contact lenses, which contribute to filtering colors efficiently. Thus, you can pass the test, fair and square sorting color pairs. 

You can also try to recite or learn the color patterns and their names in general. Knowledge of colors and their names allows you to detect them irrespective of the color blind condition. For more insights, study different colors to acquire an idea about them and use them in the test to generate positive results. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Be A Test Pilot If You Are Color Blind? 

To become a pilot, you must take the color perception test. You need to take a color blindness test for your medical certificate. In case you are color blind, you can try giving alternative color blindness tests to prove you are susceptible to different colors. 

However, the final decision rests upon the examiner and the FAA. 

What is a pass in the Farnsworth Lantern Test? 

The test involves a practice set and two runs to determine if a person qualifies for the test. Based on the criteria, the score should be greater than(>) or equal to (=) to 1 error after both runs. If the required score is not met, you have failed the test.