The color blind correction glasses work to restore color visuals in people with color deficiency. Color blind corrective glasses do not provide a permanent cure, but do act as a highly effective fix while being worn.

As long as the wearer doesn’t have a very strong case of color blindness (these people are known as dichromats and make up around 20% of the deficiency population), the correction glasses are very likely to help with a great degree of color perception.

They tend to work so well in fact, that many first time wearers have highly emotional experiences. You can check out our videos page if you want to look at some reactions to newly seen color.

The Science Behind These Corrective Glasses

The retina of the average eyeball is made up of rod cells and close to 6 million cone cells. Cone cells have photopigments which are mainly sensitive to specific frequencies of light, primarily the frequencies that make up the colors blue, red and green.

When light hits them, they are stimulated to various degrees and a signal is passed to the brain for it to interpret.

People with this visual defect have much more overlap between green and red photopigments than usual, which is what causes them to be blind to certain shades.

Here’s Where The Incredible New Invention Comes In

The lenses for color blindness work by temporarily correcting this overlap issue with a special type of filtering. This filters out sharp waves of light, enhancing specific colors and correcting visuals.

Green and red are specifically intensified as these are the colors that most people do not see well. As these are brought out by the glasses, many other colors are seen to appear again too due to the result of mixing red, green and blue together properly.

The national eye institute has carried out in depth studies on this invention which have shown eye correction to be effective for people with the usual condition type, as long as the light source present is close enough to natural light.

People in the study stated that the eyewear corrected their vision issues to such a great degree that they gave great benefit in real world situations.

Though there has not been a permanent solution yet to correcting this visual issue, there have been some promising animal reports which have pointed to potential cures in humans. So keep your eyes open for upcoming breakthroughs!

You can see an overview of the specific color blind corrective glasses available here. There we go over what’s currently around and which pairs are better suited for certain activities, locations and so on. Feel free to browse our video section if you’d like to see reactions that you or someone you’re close to might experience too!

We’ll be updating often with some emotional responses to people’s eyesight correction, in order to hopefully galvanise people into giving them a try or at least spreading the word on how wonderful the improvement is.

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