What is Kids Color Blind

Kids color blind test is a screening test that helps to discover color vision deficiency in kids. The test is ideal for them as it serves the needs of children from 5 to 10 years of age and more. 

The color blindness test uses figures hidden in plates to detect the severity and the type of color blindness to improve the user experience. The types of color vision deficiency detected by the test are Deutan, Protan, and Tritan.

color blind test for kids

How to take the test?

Take a Test

Visit the colorblindtest.net with any browser, then navigate to the kids color blindness test and you can start the test by clicking the "take a test" button.

Identify Figures

Kids must find hidden figures on plates and select the matching shape. Parents can help young kids understand their options.

Review Results

The test results show how severe color blindness is and the number of correct and wrong answers chosen by the child. This helps them learn about color blindness.

What To Do If Your Child Is Colorblind?

Educate Your Child About Color Blindness

If your kid has been given the test, and the results show that he is affected by color blindness. You have to educate him about the condition to boost his morale and confidence. Let him know that such a condition does not influence daily tasks or lifestyle.

Seek Support From School

School plays a crucial role in developing children in their early years. Seek support from the school to take necessary measures regarding color blindness or color vision deficiency. You can provide a prescription from a consultant stating a special condition of the child to provide a suitable experience.

Use Labels

Labels can be an ideal alternative to help the child discover and learn about colors. Label distinct color patterns with their names to help kids distinguish them irrespective of their color blindness. It will help perform daily tasks like sorting clothes labeled with color names more efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

At What Age Should A Child Test For Color Blindness?

There is no specific age for a child to be tested for color blindness. With our kid's color blindness test, you can check for color vision deficiency in children as low as 5 years of age. Ask him to recognize figures hidden within plates to generate results related to the condition.

What Age Does Color Blindness Start?

Color blindness does not affect people of any particular age. You can also acquire color blindness genetically at the time of your birth. Thus, it would be more helpful to undertake the test for color blindness to assess the severity of the condition.

Will A Son Be Colorblind If Mom Is? 

The condition of color blindness is related to the X chromosome inherited genetically by the child. Thus, if the son has acquired the faulty chromosomes from the mother's side, it is likely that the son will also be colorblind.